Rusty Havorson reports on the latest on the farm bill, immigration reform, and trade tensions in this week's podcast. Also, important tips on weed spraying. Kirsten Rall talks with Bayer about the lastest in its AgVocacy program.

Rusty Halvorson talks with Brian Jennings, CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol and shares some insight on a tractor rally held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota earlier this week. Kirsten Rall has a progress report on the farm bill with Senator Heidi Heitkamp, and Sabrina Hill talks with Val Dolcini of Pollinator Partnership about Pollinator Week.

In this week’s program, Sabrina Hill talks with Lucas Lentsch, CEO of Midwest Dairy, about National Dairy Month and why it’s important to connect with consumers. Rusty Halvorson talks about the latest developments regarding trade tensions in agriculture and progress on the farm bill in the Senate.

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