Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson catches up with Robert Haman about BASF's new LR344 Hybrid, as well as their premiere wheat hybrid -- the first ever on the market. 

Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson and Joe Ikley discuss herbicide carryover from 2020, activity of residual herbicides during the drought, postemergence herbicide performance in hot, dry conditions, cupped/puckered soybeans, pre and post harvest weed management in wheat and other crops, as well as the Dicamba dilemma.

Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson talks with Lisa Pederson about Lisa's background in the agriculture industry and what improvements she'd like to see thoughout the cattle industry. They also talk about the benefits of the Beef Quality Assurance Program, the controversy over RFID, and being a woman working in a male-dominated industry!

Jessica talks with Mr. Crandall about the tight supply and rocketing prices of fertilizer and WHY it's happening. Factors include the effects of COVID-19 and labor issues. They also discuss pros and cons of granular vs. liquid and considerations to make in a year of drought. 

Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson talks with Karl Hoppe about drought and livestock, and how to make those hard decisions when it comes to our herds. 

We recently attended the field day at the Carrington Research Extension Center and got some great input on how to help mitigate stress and make tough decisions about our livestock operations during this time of severe drought. 

Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson talks with Extension Agent Max Robison about considerations producers should be factoring in to their cattle herds during drought conditions.

Please contact Mr. Robison if you have any questions here:

To kick off the start of a new series of interviews with North Dakota Extension and ANR, Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson talks with Dr. Hans Kandel, Extension Agronomist for Broadleaf Crops in the Department of Plant Sciences at North Dakota State University.

Dr. Kandel and Jessica discuss soybeans growing out of frost damage, heat stress in crops, how to go about replanting, signs of chlorosis and iron deficiency in soybeans and what the presence of nodules - or lack thereof - could mean for your crop.

Join us each week for a new discussion with extension experts!

Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson talks with Dan Byers about his successful harvesting operation as well as his up and coming direct-to-consumer meat business -- 6 Pack Meats (linked below) themed after common bodybuilding lingo.

Jessica and Dan discuss their similar passion for working out and bodybuilding, and how that mindset carries over into other facets of life like working in agriculture. Dan wakes up at 3:05 every morning and lives by the words, "How you do anything is how you do everything." 

Other than meat-head things, they discuss getting into the business of direct-to-consumer meat sales, consumer trends when it comes to purchasing direct and the importance of the H2A visa program for agriculture. They also talk about hard times building hard people and how life is ultimately what you make of it, and how we can reach the consumer world more effectively when it comes to education in ag!


Farm Broadcaster Jessica Benson talks with Nicole Wardner, Consumer Marketing & Industry Relations Specialist for the North Dakota Beef Commission about -- you guessed it -- BEEF! May is beef month and Jessica and Nicole talk about the benefits of cattle production when it comes to conservation, habitat preservation, and the natural carbon cycle ruminants play a key role in. They also discuss the history of the Beef Checkoff and current programs, like the "Build Your Base" program that educates student athletes about the quality and importance of beef protein. They also talk plant-based meat substitutes and why restaurants SHOULD offer this option to customers!

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